Butterfly: what eats butterflies?

What Eats A Butterfly And Who Are Its Predators?
Butterflies have a variety of predators like ants, wasps, parasitic flies, wasps, birds, snakes, toads, rats, lizards and monkeys. Butterflies are either good tasting or bad tasting; funny as it seems; this is the best way one can categorise them from the viewpoint of their predators.

Butterfly, what eats butterflies?
Butterfly, what eats butterflies?
What Eats A Butterfly And Who Are Its Predators?
A butterfly which tastes good is usually consumed by predators like lizards, snakes and birds. A bad tasting butterfly is shunned away by predators due to its peculiarly bad taste. Bad tasting butterflies are known to exude toxins that sicken the predators. The ironical thing is bad tasting butterflies look colourful and attractive. So after consuming a bad tasting butterfly, the predator understands that it should refrain from killing any of the ‘colourful-winged’ butterflies the next time around. In other words, one bad tasting butterfly ends up sacrificing itself for the good of many other counterparts.
What Eats A Butterfly And Who Are Its Predators?


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