Butterfly - Metalmark Family (Riodinidae)

Members of this family typically thrive in the tropical latitudes, especially those of North and South America. Approximately 1,300 species are known. Small to medium in size, metalmarks vary widely in their patterns, behavior, and postures. Males have reduced front legs that are not used for walking, and females have three pairs of walking legs. Adults usually perch with their wings spread open or cocked slightly, while many tropical species habitually perch upside down on large leaves. Males locate mates by perching, rather than flying (patrolling)

  • Duke of Burgandy Butterfly (Hamearis lucina)

    Duke of Burgandy Butterfly (Hamearis lucina)

  • Tailed Metalmark (Rhetus periander)

    Tailed Metalmark (Rhetus periander)

  • Fuzzy-legged Metalmark (Anteros carausius)

    Fuzzy-legged Metalmark (Anteros carausius)

  • Blue Metalmark (Lasaia agesilas)

    Blue Metalmark (Lasaia agesilas)


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