Attracting Monark Butterflies

Attracting Monarch Butterflies
Attracting Monark Butterflies

How much enjoyment would you have by attracting butterflies to your flower gardens?

Butterflies, and those wonderful hummingbirds, thrive on sweet nectar from a multitude of flowering plants. Consult your gardening book and local nursery for plants suited to your hardiness zone, and plant several varieties of annuals and perennials.

Use a good variety of flowers at different heights, blooming periods, and with varying bright colors. You’ll be surprised how butterfly species can vary in their preference for dining locations and menu items! A wildflower butterfly mix is ideal for an ideal, almost fool-proof, get started easy way to go.

But remember that to attract the Monark Butterflies you should have the milkweed plant nearby. The female Monarch really prefers to have these to lay her eggs on. The eggs become little caterpillars that feed on the milkweed leaves, and then enclose themselves into cocoons attached to the plant. In a very few days the pupal caterpillar larvae is transformed into a butterfly.

Attracting Monarch Butterflies

Milkweed plants should be integrated into your butterfly garden. Experience has shown that the Monarchs are attracted much more to the native milkweed plants from your local area, than to fancy hybrid varieties.

With ever increasing awareness to maintain and improve our environment, just doing little things like providing more food for our butterfly friends can help. Bees are the biggest plant pollinator, but butterflies also help in the pollination process.

Have you ever watched in amazement as a Monarch caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis into a beautiful Monarch butterfly?

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Attracting Monark Butterflies


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